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  • Ground Support Equipment Database (P-3 "Orion")

The Paasch Business Group developed the first and currently only interactive electronic Database, consolidating technical, logistical and other important information for Ground Support Equipment (GSE) relevant to all P-3 "Orion" aircraft models.

As it is very common for legacy aircraft, access to reliable information sources for type-specific GSE can be very limited.  Changing and/or discontinued manufacturing capacities combined with other obsolescence related factors add to the problem.

To address these difficulties, the Paasch Business Group in cooperation with American Valley Aviation, developed this unique tool to provide valuable and concise information to all military and commercial P-3 "Orion" operators and to their respective support organizations.

Information topics include

The catalog covers over 3200 individual part numbers for P-3 specific GSE and some 800+ photos and sketches for clarification purposes.  A quarterly update service is available to ensure the completion of missing information as well as to amend any new information, as it becomes available.


The fact, that the interactive electronic GSE catalog is managed by the Parts-Publisher software, allows customers the seamless integration of their existing GSE IPBs such as

  • Parts Breakdowns contained in the standard Aircraft Documentation (i.e. NAVAIR 01-75-PAA-4-13 and NAVAIR 01-75-PAC-4-10)

  • Separate GSE-specific IPBs for large and complex equipment like Air Conditioners, Generators etc.

This option turns an effective


into a powerful

Complete Integrated System


Ground Support Equipment Catalogs for other aircraft systems are in preparation.  Please contact us for details at



* Paasch Business Group offers ONLY the optional conversion and integration service for existing IPBs owned by the customer. ITAR and Export Control Regulations apply.


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