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The foundation for the PAASCH BUSINESS GROUP was established in 1990 with the inception of LOG CONSULT, a diversified consulting company focusing on the Aerospace and Transit Industry in the US and Europe . Known for its international experience and expertise in Project Management and Logistic Support Applications, the company was selected to manage and provide assistance for many high value projects.

The transition into the PAASCH BUSINESS GROUP, a privately held corporation, took place in July of 2005. The name LOG CONSULT has been well established within the international aerospace community and remains an integral part of the PAASCH BUSINESS GROUP.

Past Projects

The following projects provide a brief overview to outline our expertise in support of demanding international projects. The list relates to the support of non-US companies seeking business opportunities in the US as well as the assistance of US companies establishing business relationships abroad.

  • Development of an active Thermal Protection System (TPS) for NASA's Delta Clipper and X-33 program

  • Development of an integrated receiver to accommodate both the US GPS and the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation technology

  • Production and Delivery of Dome Caps for the Space Shuttle External Tank (ET)

  • Facilitate the Training of foreign nationals as maintenance personnel for the P3-Orion

  • Assist a US client in securing a contract for the training of foreign military maintenance personnel

  • Develop Interactive-Electronic Parts Catalogs for Aircraft and Aircraft Systems to reduce the overall Lifecycle Product Support Cost

  • Develop Database Applications to facilitate the improvement of existing Maintenance Programs including the automatic generation of customized Maintenance Requirement Cards

  • Develop a tailored process to update legacy Ground Support Equipment to the latest Industry Standards and Safety Requirements

  • Develop aircraft-type specific procedures to reduce and/or prevent the negative impact due to Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) and Obsolescence considerations


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