February 2020

Paasch Business Group entered into a strategic partnership with Fighter Link Solutions International  to introduce the innovative Fleet Sustainment Program (FSP) on the basis of the Collective Alliance Capability ("CAC™") methodology.


December 2020

Paasch Business Group negotiated an Authorized Partner Agreement with QUANOS Service Solutions GmbH on behalf of Fighter Link Solutions International (FLSI). This agreement allows FLSI to offer and support all Quanos service solutions in the United States of America.



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Established in 1990, the Paasch Business Group - Log Consult has provided superior logistics consulting and support services to a distinguished array of clients.  Its proven record for reliable service, innovative approaches and commitment to detail are the cornerstones of an exemplary reputation and the highest customer satisfaction, nationally and internationally.

Initially established to provide specialized logistics engineering support to the aerospace and transit industry, project management tasks for multinational engineering and procurement contracts soon became a logical extension of our services.

The Paasch Business Group is committed to maintain its leading edge capabilities by attracting and retaining only the highest quality personnel and partners.  To pursue continued improvement in all our processes and to always exceed customer expectations remains our goal.

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